Will Optimizing On and Off Page SEO Give Me Higher Rankings

It’s impossible to try diving into the world of online marketing without being bombarded about the importance of SEO. A lot of this noise is just sellers that want to interest you in a course. They’re all correct in what they say though: if you want to succeed with a business online, you need to understand and master SEO.

Search engine optimization can be broken down into two major fields: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Many SEO beginners and wannabes will focus on the on page stuff and little else. Both fields are of equal importance though. Today’s post will dive into the reasons that BOTH On Page and Off Page SEO are vital to your business’ success.

The Importance Of On Page SEO

On page SEO is where most online marketing courses begin, and with good reason. If your own house is not in order, then no one is going to buy from you. Ever. So what is it about on page SEO that makes your business better?

Here Are Three Major Factors:

-A Better User Experience

SEO at its core is all about making your website better for your reader. The actions that you take, on the surface, will be about setting up your website and content in a way that pleases search engines like Google. But here’s the thing: Google’s success is predicated on providing better search results for their users.

By forcing you to build a better website with their constantly changing algorithms, Google and other search engines are teaching you to build a better website by proxy. You’ll write better content, you’ll provide better products and services, and you’ll set your site up to sell in the long-term. Search engines aren’t the enemy: they’re your greatest teacher if you’re willing to learn. Website

-A Better Type Of Lead

When you get your on-page SEO is under control, you begin to attract a better type of prospect to your business. The shotgun method of throwing up a site and hoping to find good customers doesn’t work. To see the real success you need to target market everything. Your content, your products, even your keywords must be honed to only bring leads to your site that actually want to buy your products and services. It can seem like a monumental task, but this is actually just made up of small actions that will build over time.

-Brand Building And Credibility

Proper on page SEO will help you with building online credibility. Think of your last five Google searches. How often are you going to the second and third page of results? When you go, do you really find something that makes you glad you dug deeper?

The answer is more than likely a hard “no.” By properly performing SEO and getting yourself to the top of the search engines, you build instant credibility in your niche. Suddenly, you’re the guy/girl who is the go-to authority for whatever field you’re working in. If you’ve done your SEO right, you’ll start to build a trusted brand just by existing!

The Importance Of Off Page SEO

Once your house is in order, you can’t just spend your days waiting for customers to find you on the web. Ranking in today’s search engine algorithms requires you to perform off-page SEO. This work is done by going out on the web and actually INTERACTING within your niche. It seems a little scary at first for sure. The benefits are well worth the effort though. Here are three of those benefits:

-Putting A Face To The Business

Off page SEO is performed on a variety of platforms that will force you to interact with both competitors and potential customers within your niche. That seems like a terrifying prospect, but it puts you in an amazing position when it comes to building your brand.

Suddenly, your potential customers can put a “face” to the business they may be buying from. By remaining friendly, being knowledgeable, and being helpful, you can bring in more customers than even the best ads on the web.

-Separating Yourself From The Competition

Remember what was mentioned earlier: most online businesses do not pay nearly enough attention to the off page SEO tactics that should be a part of every business. By starting your business off on the right foot, you immediately put yourself miles ahead of other businesses that will likely never make a dollar. Even more established brands have trouble maintaining a consistent off page SEO regime. If you build discipline early and make it a point to be the most active brand in your niche, then there is no limit to the amount of business you could earn.

-Widening The Net

SEO is the most effective way to garner traffic and sales on the Internet. Every study that is worth its salt confirms this fact. If you put all of your eggs into this one basket though, you could set yourself up for trouble. Lean times happen, and it isn’t out of the ordinary to see temporary drops in ranking when there’s an algorithm change.

How do you survive these lean times? If performed correctly, your off page SEO work should do more than enough to make up the difference. By building a presence on forums, trade sites, and even on your competitor’s pages, you set yourself up with multiple traffic streams that can bring in consistent money. They’ll help you through any early hiccups in your business, and will be a nice bonus when times are going well.

So How Do You Get Started?

You know the importance of SEO now. What you need is an education. That is a huge field with a ton of information that you’re going to need to learn on the fly. Don’t worry though: there are excellent teachers out there that can help you create a framework that’ll keep you in business for years to come.

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